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Paramount IT Solutions brief introduction

Paramount IT Solutions Start 2009 Muktagachha on very small areas of the city started providing services. MPs from the area of customer service, as well as secondary and higher education institutions enjoyed was the key. Types of IT related services (such as the number of automatic letter, temporary admission exam, the school provides identity card). Through this service, the software used to operate more than one institution, however, note that, because of the customer's IT skills in all kinds of work would have been paramount to IT Solutions. Hence the Ministry of Education in the mid-01 in terms of a direction of MPs from all secondary and higher educational institutions belong to the Web site of the District Education Office in Mymensingh district education offices directly instructions and support of IT solutions and Paramount. Our country's IT firms in the country's district and divisional level, the IT firm can not serve, so Paramount IT solutions, district and upazila levels with IT services firm that ceaselessly. And attended by the Prime Minister announced a digital Bangladesh side is small. Paramount IT Solutions Mymensingh, Netrokona and Tangail districts are working. IT Solutions Paramount's secondary and higher education institutions MPO enjoyed the customer. Paramount IT Solutions secondary and higher educational institutions in MPO bookmarked Web sites are built and are well prepared for their automation solution. All the students at the institution by automation software data can be preserved, the board determined rules can automatically according to the number of papers, internal examination results of students of students of educational institutions easier, and the results are due to the transfer of students to simultaneously nambarapatra mobile abhibakera able to pass through a small message and that no one from the organization's web site to see results and can print. Moreover, students of educational institutions through automation of software information, internal test results, with students accounting, business income and expenditure accounts stored on the server and can display on demand. Automation software to students and educational institutions in the examination of admission, contacts, notes, certificates, attendance can assess the activities of all kinds, including letter. Paramount IT Solutions hundred subscribers of its web and software. In our tiny efforts / We appreciate your support and suggestions.

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Md. Faisal Rabbi Tanim
Chairman & C.F.O
Paramount IT Solutions
12 gangadas guh Road, Mymensingh.